ADACTUS consultancy

We, the ADACTUS consultancy, see ourselves as specialized multi focus advisors with an emphasis on management, sales consulting and process design. Six senior sales, as well as four junior sales managers and a carefully selected pool of partners, take over all marketing and sale tasks for our mandates.

With our expertise, companies from almost (nearly) every branch have been able to enhance their sales quality. Our flexible and agile methodology supports you in finding and training your employees in sales and aids you with the analysis and optimization of existing sales strategies as well as with the validation of sales processes.

Transparent processes reduce our costs and improve the efficiency of your company. By a regular reporting, the know-how will stay within the company.


Strategy has its roots in Greek and it roughly means generalship. Therefore, a successful corporate strategy consists of an interaction between the leadership and the appropriate usage of all the resources, techniques and materials.


Enhance your outlet, turnover and gains in a highly efficient way with agile, flexible and scalable sales. We strengthen your competitive situation, enhance your turnovers and reduce your distribution costs.


Either consulting for equity or alternatively the advisor as a partner. During the foundation phase, additional core competences are needed, but cannot be bought due to a lack of liquidity.




ADACTUS has its roots in Latin and means bringing things together. And that is exactly what we understand by sales, we are bringing together.

Unlike in regular sales and its sale language, we do not have any dulcet terms like leads, opportunities, forecast, sales-pipeline or pre-sales process. For us, there exist costumers and orders only.

We bank on our network in industry, trade and banks which has been growing for years on end.


Vertrieb outsourcen: Die neue Chance für Unternehmen!

Ausgelagerter Vertrieb, das bewährte Erfolgskonzept Viele Unternehmen mit B2B-Zielgruppen wissen: Unabhängig davon, wie die Dienstleistung oder ihr Produkt ist, ohne Zugang zu den richtigen Interessenten und ohne Neukundenakquise können diese nicht erfolgreich sein. Bestandskunden alleine reichen mittelfristig nicht aus. Die Suche nach neuen Kunden bindet Zeit und Geld. Doch lässt sich genau dieser Teil des Vertriebs auslagern....